Feel the touch of dew

Kastee® is a new domestically manufactured Finnish device that turns all electric and wood-burning saunas quickly and easily into a pleasant and relaxing spa-steam room.

You can, of course, bathe like before but if you feel like relaxing for a longer time and enjoy the healing effect of even and abundant air humidity, all you need to do is turn your Kastee® system on and adjust the humidity you like. A new life for your sauna!

Make your sauna innovational and versatile. Additionally to conventional bathing, your sauna will have a new purpose as a wellness experience and relaxation space.

Kastee® system provides pleasant and soft humidity and breathing is much easier than in dry heat. "Abundant air humidity is like in traditional smoke sauna."

You can adjust the humidity as you like it and enjoy relaxing hot steam. Domestic high-tech expertise combined with Finnish sauna stove and sauna culture respects traditions and the freedom of choice.

Sauna has a long history. Finland is the best manufacturing country of saunas and sauna stoves. Steam spas have a long tradition in Southern Europe. Kastee offers the healing humidity of ancient saunas that is also very relaxing. Satisfaction guarantee. 30 days money back guarantee.

Kastee® steam system, its user experiences, healing impact and benefits are being tested in different test environments. We have launched cooperation with Laurea University of Applied Sciences where the benefits and user experiences of the system are also being studied.

We have conducted many experience-based studies with the Kastee® system already for two years with taking tested saunas.

Studies and user-experiences of Kastee® system:

Breathing Breathing is easier in the sauna due to possible increase in oxygen level. Steam inhalation is enjoyable at temperature of 45-60 degrees

Weight management Moist and pleasant hot steam is enjoyed longer. Energy consumption promoting weigh management is high and extends to the deepest muscles and tissues.

Relaxing Body and mind calm down and relax. You can just be and enjoy. You can also practice meditation or hot yoga or Pilates efficiently in soft humid heat.

Blood circulation Moist and gentle hot steam has a positive impact on blood pressure and peripheral blood circulation.

Heart Heart-friendly hot steam. Mild temperature, humidity and ease of breathing keep your heart rate low and the heart is not strained too much.

Skin Based on user-experiences, humid hot steam has been found healthy for the skin.

Some user-experiences "Wonderfully easy to breathe", "I could be here much longer", "Extremely relaxed feeling", "like being in a spa", "Skin feels really soft", "feels like a wood-burning sauna stove", "Here, time flies in an instant in hot-yoga and pilates positions"

Sauna constructions

Kastee system is safe and healthy to use. Sauna constructions are not strained due to the system and accumulation of moisture inside the constructions is not higher regardless of the bathing habits. According to the finds, strain on constructions is even lower due to even air humidity that can be controlled and adjusted with the control panel. Just like in case of a regular sauna, remember to dry and ventilate your sauna with Kastee® system. This helps to keep your sauna in good condition.

Intended use of the humidification system

Kastee is a system installed to stoves creating pleasant and even air humidity that is enjoyable longer. Traditional smoke saunas have mild temperature and moist hot steam. Kastee does not replace the atmospheric smoke sauna, but still offers the softer humidity of a traditional sauna.

Hot steams of modern saunas are often dry and the humidity is relatively low. When water is thrown onto a sauna stove, humidity arises as a hot wave that does not always feel pleasant and one might feel running out of air. Kastee adds a new using option to your sauna, an alternative to taking hot saunas.

Kastee system is safe to use and air humidity produced by it does not strain your sauna constructions more than traditional sauna-bathing.

Just switch on the system and enjoy, you have no need to throw water to sauna stove stones; the device does it automatically by spraying steam into the stove. If you should want, you can still bathe just like before - throwing the water to stove stones yourself. Just remember to dry and ventilate your sauna always after use - this keeps your sauna in a good condition.

The Kastee system balances and improves sauna conditions. The system is completely self-adjustable, automatic and electronically driven. The device includes all you need: tubing parts, a nozzle, control microcircuit, humidity and temperature sensors. Humidity is adjusted with adjustment buttons.

The device is used for creating a humid area and a steam room. Temperature of the sauna room is kept low and humidity is controlled to rise the relative humidity percentage with the Kastee system.

Own sauna space can be turned into a so-called spa relaxation area where we go to relax. Studies show that high and even humidity makes breathing easier and treats different health problems.

The system works splendidly with both an electric and wood-burning sauna stoves. In case of a wood-burning sauna stove, temperature can be adjusted manually with the amount of wood while the humidity is abundant and as desired.

No hot steam waves are generated. Kastee technology balances the humidity.

Operation principle and parts

Water nozzle with a protective frame is mounted into the stove's stone space for moisturizing it. The water nozzle is attached to a water pipe connected to pressurized water supply. The water pipe features a controllable solenoid valve.

Hygrometer/thermometer is on the sauna wall constantly measuring the humidity and temperature of the sauna.

Control unit enabling to adjust humidity in the sauna is outside of the sauna room. Adjustment range is 0-100% of relative air humidity. The system automatically calculates the required adjustment value according to the air temperature.

Information is transferred from the measuring sensor and adjustment unit into the junction box outside of the sauna.

Electronically controlled solenoid valve is mounted to the junction box. The valve controls the flow rate of the water and spraying of the nozzle.

The system keeps relative humidity level balanced. For the best possible result, the water nozzle must be located to the hottest part of the sauna stove according to the instructions. Water nozzle pressure is taken from the washing machine interface or from water tap branching. Water pipe can neatly be mounted below battens. It can also be fixed by piping.

Water nozzle unit can be mounted directly to an old sauna stove on the wall and to sauna stoves during sauna stove delivery in case of new constructions.

Most of modern sauna stove systems have temperature controlled with thermostats and the best result can be achieved when temperature is adjusted to about 50 degrees.

Low-priced basic sauna stoves do not have a thermostat; the joint switch is on the lower edge of the sauna stove. Finding the correct temperature is a bit trickier. The best result is achieved by testing. According to the user-experiences, the system produces humidity as the sauna warms up. The best outcome is achieved from the heat of early stage. This naturally depend also on personal preferences of each user. Due to safety reasons, the system shortens water dosing when the temperature rises.

The device is not designed for water-throwing device but for creation of enjoyable and healthy bathing experience at controlled air humidity and milder temperature. The purpose of the device is also not to create a Turkish sauna that is cooler and with visible steam, but creation of such is possible in case of correct conditions and adjustments.

Temperature range of a traditional Finnish sauna is 70-120 degrees. Throwing water on hot sauna stove stones does not bring about very high air humidity percentage without burning your skin. Southern saunas are heated mostly by steam; work at temperature of 43-46 degrees and with air humidity percentage close to 100%.

Kastee® system enables to reach the desirable conditions almost in all sauna types with an electric or a wood-burning sauna stove. Operational environment is perfect when the temperature is somewhere between the temperatures of Turkish and Finnish saunas, i.e. when the temperature is approximately 45-65 degrees and the humidity percentage is higher than in a traditional sauna.

The system is protected with microcircuits and a programme. Operational temperature range is 42-80 degrees. The device will not start if the sauna is too cold or too hot. When temperature in the sauna room rises above 85 degrees, the system shuts off due to safety reasons.

The device features a so-called clean-spraying in its starting phase to clean the pipes and the nozzle.